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Reducing the Clutter

Simple question: If given the choice, which desk would you prefer to work at:


or would you rather work here:


My reasoning is simple, literally. By reducing the level of clutter in my office I’m able to focus more on the essential tasks at hand. Think about that for a minute.

When was the last time you realized that you were so distracted by all the noise around you, that you had difficultly accomplishing the simplest of tasks?

I just unsubscribed from over 25 blogs on my Google Reader. Why? Because they were clouding my feed and distracting me from more important blogs I want to follow.

But why stop at removing clutter around the office/work? What if this same concept were applied to more important stuff?

I wonder how much heartache we could save ourselves if we were able to remove some of the emotional baggage that clutters life’s bigger decisions?


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